Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thirty Four And A Half Hours

Until... VACATION!! Woooooo hoooooooo!!!

I know, I really should learn to express my emotions, you may be vaguely aware of my elevated mood...

The one thing that I did not expect so intensely was my desire to get the heck out of dodge. I expected to be very happy, and to be impatient, with a side of short-timer's disease, but I truly did not expect the overwhelming urge to be anywhere but here for a week prior.

I am guessing I really need this vacation.

I have a few hopeful expectations for it, as well. I'm looking for writing inspiration on this trip, as well as relaxation, a renewed connection with the Latin Lover, and a refreshed attitude to bring home with me. And if I can lose 5 pounds while eating whatever I want, that would be a nice touch. I don't ask for much really, I'm pretty low maintenance.

I am ready to start getting my Romantic Suspense novel on paper now, but I am still wrestling with the whole pseudonym issue. Anyone with 2 cents, or even 1 cent for that matter, please feel free to advise!

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