Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reinventing Myself

Today is a very good day.

I am renovating self.  It is a painstaking process, to say the least, but I am confident that the payoff is going to be astounding.  I am undergoing an attitude adjustment, if you will.

I am looking forward to the new me, really, because the old me was, well, getting old...  My priorities are getting an overhaul, my spirit is being renewed, and I am having a personal extreme makeover!

I might even check out the P90X, who knows?  If we're going to redo the inside, shouldn't the outside show it too?

So, as a person I am in 'full-speed-ahead' mode, and as a writer, I am in research mode.  But soon, soon, it will all come together.  Now won't that be something?

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