Friday, January 21, 2011

Shout Out Weekend - Day 1

I am dedicating this weekend to the amazing bloggers I follow.

Friday's are always an exciting day for me because I get to jump over to Random Thoughts, and read C.R.Ward's latest installment of her serial fiction piece. She alway's leaves me thinking, "Dang it! Why do I have to wait until next Friday to see what happens next?" Her stories are intriguing, well written, and entertaining. I find myself wanting to download the whole thing so I can read all night until I'm done.

This, painfully, is not an option. meh.

So, I faithfully visit her blog every week (almost every day) to read whatever treasure she has posted. Thanks, CR, for sharing your vision with the world, we are better for it!

1 comment:

  1. How nice of you, C.E., to give such a great shout-out to C R Ward. I hope your weekend goes happily. Thanks for visiting and following. I hope you enjoyed the guest blog written by my feline princess, Gypsy. She has an attitude -- being a princess and all. LOL. Roland