Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shout Out Weekend - Day 3

Last day of the weekend... farewell, beautiful freedom-ish...

Today's shout out goes to an established writer of both print and ebooks, whose encouragement to indie authors is unparalleled. I am currently reading Cherry Bomb on Kindle, and one entire section of my bookshelf is dedicated to the rest of the Jack Daniels series in paperback.

JA Konrath, you are an amazing writer and an inspiration, and I have been devouring every word from your blog, A Newbie's Guide To Publishing. The information you are providing on self-publishing is fantastic, and I haven't missed a post. I am also in love with your stories... I am crushin' on Phineas Troutt, big time. ;^) I can't wait to find out how Jack takes down Alex once and for all!

I purposely got Cherry Bomb on my Kindle in support of the ebook cause, but I will probably also buy it in print because I hate to have pieces of a series missing in my library, and someday they will be worth way more than the paper they're printed on, when eBooks rule the world.

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