Monday, February 14, 2011

Not Just Another Stupid Holiday

Eight months ago my Latin Lover, my husband, and I underwent a terrible, terrible separation. We almost didn't recover. But December 7th we were given a second chance, and we chose to take it. Through the healing process I have struggled with trust issues, and security issues, and the idea that his love may be lacking because he doesn't express it in ways I know him to be capable of. It is a long and rocky road to recovery.

But today, when I was content knowing that someday we would have the intensity we deserved, my magnificent man threw me a curve.

He began texting in the morning: Ha

Then every hour or so, a new one: pp









It took all day, but he wanted me to know he was thinking about me all day, and he wanted me to think of him. And then, the most precious gift... a Facebook post for all the world to see that read:

True love stories never have endings... 4350 days and counting... Happy Valentines Day To My Wife.

I cried for 10 minutes.

Then when he walked through the door, I threw my arms around him and cried some more. It's the best Valentine I've ever gotten. More even than the sense of love I felt, he gave me a strong, beautiful hope. Roses?! We don't need no stinkin' roses!

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