Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fescennine ~ A to Z Challenge: Day 6

Def. - marked by the use of vulgarity or obscene language.

My lunch hour was fescennine, once I crunched down on the foreign object and broke a molar.  Endodontics, while not my favorite past time, would be very helpful today; however, no one can see me until Monday.  I am predicting a rather fescennine weekend, as well.

Typically, I am able to use substitutionary words during the course of daily conversation, my favorite being 'Monkey'. I was able to use 'Monkey' several times this afternoon, but in-addition-to rather than in-place-of.  So now I have random moments of %$#@&. Physical pain is not my forte. I am no stranger to it, but I enjoy a relatively healthy, pain-free existence... and I like it that way.  It's possible I will have to render myself mute via a tequila-induced coma until such time as I can receive medical attention.  Mostly because I get charged a quarter every time I use a curse word, and I'm fairly certain I rang up a $5 lunch today.

Feel free to join in, the Monkeys and I will be doing some Prairie Fire shooters with a little salt and lime, and it's liable to be slightly fescennine... let's see if I can still say that after a couple of rounds.... I guarantee I'll still be able to say 'Monkey'.


  1. I like this post. It's so funny and honest. And I love that you use Monkey as an expletive.

  2. Great word and great post - making something difficult humorous is such a gift.

  3. Thank you both, and thank you for following!

  4. Ouch! Hope you're able to get that tooth taken care of ASAP. Tooth pain can be the worst!

    I love your "F" word! And I think it's hilarious that you use Monkey as a substitute swear word! I've used 'fudge' and 'sugar', but I just might have to try 'monkey'. :-)